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Ganoderma Coffee: The Healthier Coffee!

Ganoderma coffee has arrived in a big way to rejuvenate the health and life of avid coffee loving Americans! Most of you are aware of the ill effects of excess caffeine consumption. But you just can’t do without the regular dose of revitalizing cuppa! How about switching over to coffee Ganoderma-the healthier coffee alternative?

Coffee Ganoderma is an absolutely safe and natural product. The caffeine content contained in this type of coffee is tremendously low as compared to the fully caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties. As far as taste is concerned Ganoderma coffee is as rich, strong and deliciously tasty as its caffeinated vis-a-vises.

Ganoderma is actually a fungus or more commonly a mushroom! Scientifically this fungus is known as Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma coffee is impregnated with the extracts of this fungus. This Ganoderma fungus is naturally bestowed with medicative properties that protect the immune system, provide energy and vitality, minimize tiredness as well as enhance longevity.

So when you are sipping into a cup of Ganoderma coffee you can rest assured that your health is totally safe guarded! This marvelous herbal concoction of coffee and Ganoderma has become immensely popular globally. The origin of this amazing fungus can be traced back to China. The Chinese refer to Ganoderma as the ‘King of Herbs’ and its alternative names are Rei Shi and Ling Zhi.

Ganoderma is also effective in preventing tumors, and detoxifies the liver. It has also been said that it is effective in curing heart ailments, insomnia, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic asthma and bronchitis. So coffee beans infused with Ganoderma extracts produces this highly nutritious and healthy beverage called Ganoderma coffee.

Ganoderma lucidum and its proven medical efficacy has been acknowledged and endorsed by the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia. This herb is also known as the Red Mushroom. Ganoderma has been researched extensively for its therapeutic and healing properties. So Ganoderma coffee is perhaps the best thing to have been discovered for coffee connoisseurs all over the world.

Gano coffee gives you the same punch as any of the caffeinated versions of coffee. But coffee Ganoderma contains far less caffeine than regular coffee. A cup of regular coffee contains 65-135mg of caffeine. Ganoderma coffee contains only about 8.5-10mg of caffeine!

So now you can enjoy your coffee drink without feeling guilty about its effects on your health! Ganoderma coffee will pamper your taste buds the same way as normal coffee. Gano coffee’s regenerative and renewing property strengthens the body’s natural immune system. So your battle against diseases and your overall life expectancy is enhanced.

So if you are looking forward to a healthier and happy life then turn the tables over to Ganoderma coffee. Coffee Ganoderma will not only revive your senses but will redefine a more healthy and satisfactory coffee lifestyle. Say three cheers to good health and to the Gano cafe culture!


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You will find thousands of pages of information on the Internet that proclaim the potential health benefits of Ganoderma also known as the red reishi mushroom. There are more than 440 Scientific and Medical abstracts available to you at the National Library of Medicine website: that review the potential health benefits of Ganoderma lucidum. Another excellent source of information can be found at:



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